Tuesday, March 11, 2014

~edo lullaby~

konnichiwa! ((^~^)) i really love the new group gift for my BJD avatar at *COCO* BJD Avatar & Clothing! all you need after that is a head and some super cute hair…like this brand new style from *Milk* at The Big Show
  • tapoe*-Kimono Doll Pose Set (retired…past gift)
decor (left to right)~
  • +Half-Deer+-Xiong Mao-Panda-Two Tangerines (tysm halogen!)
  • +Half-Deer+-Xiong Mao-Panda-Red Packet (tysm halogen!)
  • +Half-Deer+-Xiong Mao-Panda-I’m on a Boat!-Plan Paper (tysm halogen!)
  • +Half-Deer+-Bamboo Sticks-group of 3 (tysm halogen!)
sim location~
  • Edo Lullaby 

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