Monday, June 17, 2013

~nrrrd grrrl~

greetings! ((^~^)) i am very pleased to announce a new sponsor for my blogs…..Baubles! by Phe & today i am featuring these bracelets called Strapped…i love these!!! oh and i know i haven’t gotten a chance to do many hunts lately but *RoTten DeFiAnCe* & //elephante poses// are both in a new one called the Sexy Nerd Hunt where each gift is only L$5….and it’s all about us nerdy people! i am a huge fan of Star Wars of course….i remember first watching them on my dad’s LaserDisc…YES!….LOL! 
  • Juxtapose-Motivation Pose Set-2 (tysm rain!)
  • MC Chris~Nrrrd Grrrl 

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