Monday, February 20, 2012

~woodland faun~

  • Skin~Modish-Glamour One Pale (L$10 from The Glamour Hunt instore)
  • Antlers~Paper Heart-Nature Disguise-Twiglers (L$15)
  • Legs~R.U.M.-Ryo Fae Faun Basic
  • Shorts~!K&L!-Nyxxie-Mint Micro Shorts
  • Shape~Faded Ink-Kylie (old group gift… L$5 on Marketplace)
  • Eyes~Fauntasia-Fauny Peepers-Teal (L$20)
  • Piercings~Cute Poison-Sad Clown (got for L$1 on Marketplace)
  • Hair~AMG Boudoir-Fantasy-Blonde 2 (L$99 closing sale)
  • Ears~riddlebox-Tagged Ears (L$5 on Marketplace)
  • Tattoo~Bijou-Rainbow Heart Tattoo-Darker (old freebie…no longer available)
  • Shirt~The Sea Hole-Arrest Me Top-Blue Deer (L$150)

grabbed this purdy hair from AMG Boudoir during their closing sale…most everything, not only hair, is L$99 until their rent is up but no date is given so check it out! i just went to see & it’s still there as of this post ;)
i had to splurge a lil and get this top from The Sea Hole as well ((^~^)) it is exactly what i was looking for & comes in a few different colors. (shirt+deer graphic=I NEEEED!!!! lol)
also fell in love with the Nature Disguise from Paper Heart…includes the “Twiglers” (eeeee! i love the name!) and matching glasses disguise ((^~^))
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