Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~the wandering.....deer!~

  • ~*Water Horse*~ Mesh Whitetail Deer Avatar

 surprise! lol yep that pink deer is me ((>,<)) so yeah teehee….i made a bit of an investment in SL today as i purchased the fatpack of all 4 deer avatars from ~*Water Horse*~ 
i could not be more satisfied….it is truly a work of art from the avatar itself to the animations & gestures. all in all a charming deer who can even dance lol ((^~^))
this is my favorite sitting animation fer sure rofl ((^~^)) so kawaii ((^~^))
can’t wait to continue my adventures in SL as a deer but of course i’ll be back tomorrow with some more faun & fashion love, although it’ll be fun to dress up this deer a bit sometime rofl ((^~^))
so if you are shopping in SL & you see a deer wandering through the women’s section, it’s probably just me lol so no worries ((^~^))

not faun today, but fawn lol ((^~^)) thought i’d share 

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