Saturday, February 11, 2012

~steampunk faun~

  • Outfit~Jolbey & Jasper-Wasteland Warrior (free group gift instore)
  • Antlers~Rotten Defiance-Elite Snowflake Antlers-Chocolate (free from instore Hunt)
  • Legs~Epic-Brown Gauged Hooved Boots (on sale for L$199 at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
  • Shape~Faded Ink-Kylie (L$5 on Marketplace)
  • Eyes~By Snow-Satyr Eyes-Green (L$15 instore)
  • Piercings~Cute Poison-Sad Clown (got for L$1 on Marketplace)
  • Skin~(red)sand-Violet Mafia Gift Skin nr1 (free for Violet Mafia group at their HQ)
  • Tattoo~Mimi’s Boutique-Seduction Tattoo (free)
  • Hair~Exile-Veronique-Autumn/Fawn (free group gift)
  • Ears~ni.ju-Overkill-Plain-Esuga Bombshell (free instore)
so happy to find this outfit from Jolbey & Jasper….reminds me of the Fallout series or steampunk (includes the aviator goggles & a longer version of the undershirt) and love the boots from Epic…socks come plain & striped. also comes in a pawed version for the nekos ((^~^)) best part? animated gauges on the sides!!! 

i have made another more recent post with a steampunk theme! if interested, check it out!
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