Thursday, February 23, 2012

~nautical faun~

  • Skin~Modish-STWH Skin (old freebie from Save the World Hunt)
  • Horns~Revenant-Aries Horns
  • Legs~Epic-Faun Classic Garter Socks-Teal
  • Shorts~. b r i s b a n e ’ s-Garden Faun-Moonies-Dotted (L$99 promo)
  • Shape~Faded Ink-Kylie (old group gift… L$5 on Marketplace)
  • Eyes~By Snow-Satyr Eyes-Aqua (L$15 instore)
  • Piercings~Cute Poison-Sad Clown (got for L$1 on Marketplace)
  • Hair~Curious Kitties-Nyanotech 09-1B Hair-Maen V2 (free from Savoir Hair instore)
  • Ears~[ni.ju]-Overkill-Plain-Esuga Bombshell (free instore)
  • Tattoo~::TOXIC KITTY::-Ahoy Sailor! Tattoo-Bold (L$1)
  • Shirt~::TOXIC KITTY::-Anchors Away Tank Top (L$1)
  • Bikini~.::DELISH::.-Summer Lovin Bikii-Bikini Top-03 (L$1)
  • Nails~*pulcino*-Twinkle Star Nail-Blue Star (free instore))
  • Tail~[D]oki-Pure White Faun Tail (free from Love is Pure White Hunt instore)

 back in hybrid form ((^~^))
i had fun with this set today ((^~^)) surprisingly it’s quite difficult to find anything in SL with a sailor or anchor theme to it as far as shopping goes lol ((^~^))
if you have never been, definitely check out Savoir Hair in SL… is a store full of free & L$1 hair from hair designers all over SL including Wasabi Pills & other well-known brands. Here’s the slurl….  ((^~^)) 
one with bikini so you can see the cute tat ((^~^)) & it’s a cute bikini too lol ((^~^)) 

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