Friday, January 27, 2012

~spikey faun~

  • Shirt~Epic-Fuzzu Cardigan-Sherbet (January VIP free group gift)
  • Jacket~R.cielli-Hera Leather Jacket-PinkyPython
  • Pants~R.cielli-Georgina Spiked Leggings-Nude
  • Skin~Not Button’s Skins-Sari-Soft (free instore….store closing soon)
  • Horns~Fauntasia-Fauny Horns Nepenthe (free instore)
  • Shape~my own modified/tweaked version of Faded Ink-Kylie
  • Eyes~pulchino-Quartz-green-M (free from The Cafe Hunt instore)
  • Piercings~ni.ju-1 piercing part A (free)
  • Legs~Epic-Classic Skully Bow 2.0 Faun Stockings
  • Necklace~bewildebeest-Vintage Vituperation (got free instore)
  • Ears~Envious-Elf Ears (free from Lucky Chairs instore)

 went on a little shopping spree yesterday at r.cielli as you can see ((^~^)) love their creations and they were having a L$50 sale….also there are a bunch of L$15 items in gift boxes scattered around the store, so be sure to check what’s in them before buying something….it may be in a box for cheaper! ((^~^))
pretty skin from Not Button’s….supposedly their store is already supposed to be shut down but it is still there when i went yesterday….tons of free skins like this one! ((^~^))

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