Saturday, January 28, 2012

~gamer faun~

  •  Shirt~Evale (formerly Tart)-Peekaboo Tank-Bitch Controller (L$100)
  • Pants~Urban Republic Co.-Lil Diva (L$5…pack on floor marked “Goodish”)
  • Skin~Not Button’s Skins-Meya (free instore….store closing soon)
  • Shape~my own modified/tweaked version of Faded Ink-Kylie
  • Eyes~By Snow-Alienite Eyes (free instore)
  • Piercings~ni.ju-1 piercing part A (free)
  • Mouth Piercings~[PA!]-Harajuku Me Piercing (free instore from Kawaii Toast Hunt)
  • Legs~R.U.M.-Ryo Fae Faun Snug Digi Socks (only on marketplace right now)
  • Necklace~ByKay-Necklace Free Edition-White Gold (free)
  • Ears~Envious-Elf Ears (free from Lucky Chairs instore)
 if you join the group for the store Evale (formerly known as Tart), you get L$150 in store credit! ((^~^)) i decided to get this cute cropped tank of a video game controller since i’m a big console gamer as well lol ((^~^)) lots of other prettyful stuff there toooo! 
much love to all muh fellow gamer girls ((^~^))
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