Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~bumblebee faun~

  • Skin~Void-Faun-Sunflower-Natural-Zee (got on sale for their going-out-of-business event)
  • Face Tattoo~Damned-War Stripes-Yellow/Black
  • Outfit~Envious-Jeez Yellow (free VIP group gift…new & out now! includes the wings and tights as well just fyi)
  • Antlers~Rotten Defiance-Mini Elite Antlers-Black (free from Lucky Chairs instore)
  • Shape~my own modified/tweaked version of Faded Ink-Kylie
  • Eyes~Chuus!-The Ent Eyes-The Calm Ent Eyes (got for free instore from Once Upon A Time Hunt)
  • Piercings~ni.ju-1 piercing part A (free)
  • Mouth Piercings~ni.ju-Mouth Chain Love Nom-Prototype (free instore)
  • Necklace~Kue!-Leather Necklace Charm-Cafe Gamma Coffee (free from The Cafe Hunt instore)
  • Ears~Envious-Elf Ears (free from Lucky Chairs instore)
  • Legs~R.U.M.-Ryo Fae Faun Pony/Equine
 another quick outfit thrown together for work for Sunday night ((^~^))
faun with wings lol…i’d love to wear em more often but i try to stay in character as a faun as much as possible…but you can also catch me as a unicorn lol ((^~^))
 better view of outfit from Envious ((^~^))
better view of mouth piercing…wish i had this in real life lol ((^~^))
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