Sunday, September 21, 2014

~a murder of crows~

heya! ((^~^)) more from The Secret Affair here by *May’s Soul* and SOONSIKI! this beautiful gown from *May’s Soul* comes in 11 colors to choose from including 3 ombre, 3 satin, and 4 leather versions! to dress it up, you can play the matching gacha and win a bunch of fun things! my hair called Raven by SOONSIKI is just one of two styles you can find at the same place so don’t miss out as this round of The Secret Affair only runs until September 29th!
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~the mad scientist~

hihi! ((^~^)) i just am in love with +Half-Deer+'s new decor at The Liaison Collaborative….this set with the mechanical birds and cage called The Mad Scientist! the bird’s eyes light up and flash and each piece is sold separately so you can set it up any way you want! my hair is from Little Bones. and it is another jaw-dropper as it includes these branch antlers with a HUD to change the color of the branches and leaves! it is one of the new gachas at The Secret Affair! my boots are by The Sugar Garden and they are everything i have been wanting! they are called Madame Boots and are made for SLink High Feet! you can find them in 16 different colors at kustom9!

Friday, September 12, 2014

~it won't hurt~

hiya! ((^~^)) i recently saw that the Twisted Hunt was back again for the 12th time! i have done a few in the past and i really liked the prizes so i started this one and found this cute outfit from a store i love, Rotten Toe! halloween is on it’s way, so it’s worth picking up and doing the rest of the hunt! i know i will!


hey! ((^~^)) *Epic* has a sexy new outfit but you will have to visit a couple events to complete the look….the corset dress is at The Big Show while the matching shoes are at the Kings & Queens Fair! the dress is very versatile as it includes a HUD to change the color of the corset! you could use this outfit for so many different looks, but today i chose a burlesque theme <3
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~sweet maid~

heyooo! ((^~^)) i am excited to formally announce my newest sponsor, Melon Bunny! i blogged one of their past Lucky Board prizes a while ago and while i was at their store, i was mesmerized by all the beautiful things so i am beyond happy to be a part of their team and bring you all some amazing looks! today i am featuring one of their latest creations, the Sweet Maid Dress! it comes in 8 colors to choose from and is fitted mesh! while i was putting it on for the first time, i noticed that the white petticoat underneath the dress is separate so you can choose to wear it or not….or even use it as a skirt! cute! also, if you own a Kemono body, there is a version of this dress that will fit that too! i don’t own one yet but i am seriously thinking about getting one myself now that i have seen all the cute things Melon Bunny has made for it!
  • Dress~Melon Bunny-Sweet Maid Dress-Pink (tysm cakesbunny!)
  • Socks~The Sugar Garden-Prissy Ruffle Socks-Sheer White (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shoes~The Sugar Garden-Ruffle Platforms-White-Solid (made for SLink Flat Feet…tysm eilfie!)
  • Bow~Magika-Headband (free subscriber gift)
  • Hair~!lamb.-Adore-Grayscale Pack-Ink
  • Hair Buns~>TRUTH<-Maisy-Buns-Variety
  • Eyes~The Sugar Garden-Summer Eyes-Deep Blue (tysm eilfie!)
  • Skin~The Sugar Garden-Kotoko-Vampy (tysm eilfie!)
  • Shape~made by me (not for sale)
  • Body~WowMeh-Silhouette v1.0-InSize (temporarily unavailable)
  • Mouth~.Loud Mouth.-Alli-Closed
  • Hands~SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands-Casual
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