Thursday, December 26, 2013


heya! ((^~^)) when i saw that Bare Rose was doing a hunt, i about cried! this store is like the ultimate if you are into cosplaying or dressing up in some insane costumes! when you go there, look for a sign about the Prayspeed: Bare Rose Mini Treasure Hunt and click it for a notecard with a hint & TP to your first destination! when you find the object, you will get your first part of this costume and another TP & hint for the next location and next part of the costume! OH! and the costume comes in female (including Lolas & Phat Azz), male, petite, titan, and baby versions!!! there is also an awesome headpiece that comes with the outfit, but you know how much i love my horns <3
poses & prop~
  1. //elephante poses//-Ice Queen-#10 (includes 10 poses & crystal ball prop….exclusive @ The Seraphim Social…tysm melissajeanne!)
  2. Kirin Pose Store-Nina Pack-4 (includes 5 poses…free from Inspiration Point Hunt)
  • Immortal~Eddie K 

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