Thursday, January 12, 2012

~blue faun~

  • Legs~R.U.M.-Ryo Fae Faun Snug Digi Socks (only found on marketplace right now)
  • Shape~my own modified/tweaked version of Faded Ink-Kylie
  • Dress~Neko Sovereign-Checkered Baby
  • Hair~Action-Ivy-Royale Blue
  • Antlers~BLD-Ice Ice Baby Antlers (L$10 for whole outfit)
  • Mouthie/Nom~Atypical-Donation Gift-Kawaii Candy (you can donate any amount of $$$, even just L$1, and you will get 2 of these—currently they are remodeling their store & i didn’t see this out yet)
  • Skin~Bang Bang!-Group Gift (free for VIP group members)
  • Eyes~By Snow-Satyr Eyes-Aqua (L$15 instore)

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